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As part of our Culture of YesTM, Hudson Associates provided best-in-class contract filling services in liquids, dry granules and powders, and aerosol/BOV. For nearly 25 years, working with vendor-partners across North America, Hudson has gained the trust of customers in fulfilling their strategic sourcing requirements across markets such as personal care, cosmetics, organics, food and beverage, automotive, and household and industrial goods.

Contract manufacturing has many levels of complexity. Coordinating formulation, componentry, and finished-goods inventory requires expertise and attention. Whether customer-directed or Hudson-sourced componentry is utilized, we have the systems in place to monitor this vital information flow to supply turn-key solutions to strategic sourcing challenges.

Hudson’s transparent validation process includes confirming our vendor-partners carry FDA, GMP, SQF, or EPA certifications. This provides customers the knowledge and support to make confident strategy decisions and maintain regulatory control whether bringing products to market, transitioning out of in-house production, or transferring from an existing supplier. In addition, we provide you with a variety of geographic locations to best suit your needs.

SPoCTM ensures the seamless execution of our comprehensive fulfillment services.  With your assigned account manager working on your behalf, you can maintain focused on your business’s core competencies.  Your single contact organizes the disparate moving parts that might otherwise reach you haphazardly into a clean, easily understandable package. SPoCTM is therefore the organizing platform that allows us to internally coordinate the various activities of supply chain management and report the progress of the overall project back to the customer. Ultimately, you reduce stress and save both time and money.

Contact us to learn how Hudson can lend its expertise to your operation. We’re happy to have an informal conversation.