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Hudson Associates was established in 1978 on the premise of delivering high-quality, cost-effective packaging goods. Since then, Hudson continues to differentiate itself from competitors by integrating its Culture of YesTM ethos into the strategic sourcing of packaging materials. The Culture of YesTM underlies every action we take on our clients’ behalf and keeps us focused on our top priority: eliminating obstacles and creating tailored solutions that alleviate our customers’ pain points.

Hudson draws on its over forty years of experience in packaging to provide unique solutions for multiple industries and end-use customers.

We have expertise in plastic, glass, and metal packaging, as well as closures. We offer hundreds of proprietary stock molds and more through our vendor partners. In addition, we excel at custom mold development, responding to customer needs in a timely and transparent manner.

Hudson can support your package regardless of resin, material or process type:

  • Resins include, but are not limited to: HDPE, PET, PVC, PP, Post-Consumer, Bio-Resin
  • Processes include: Injection, Injection Blow, Extrusion Blow, Stretch Blow, Vacuum, and Compression Molding
  • Pouches and Bag-in-Box
  • Caps and fitments for a multitude of applications including: CRC, CT, Food, Beverage
  • Glass:
    • Flint (clear)
    • Tinted
    • Colored
  • Metal:
    • Press-formed aluminum
    • 2 and 3-piece steel options available

Hudson’s supplier vetting and auditing process includes plant visits, contact with engineering and development personnel and clear channels of communication among all parties. This hands-on oversight of our vendors’ capabilities and capacities supports Hudson’s best-in-class tactical execution of our customers’ strategic decisions.

Our Single Point of ContactTM system allows you to remain focused on your core business operations while we spearhead and streamline the process of finding the most appropriate packaging solution for your needs.  SPoCTM ensures a customer experience marked by simplicity and convenience.  SPoCTM also helps deliver each client with a menu of options for review.  Our process is comprehensive and thorough, as we leverage our wide network of partners.  The result is high-quality packaging items tailored to your specific needs, at the most competitive prices.

Contact us to learn how Hudson can lend its expertise to your operation. We’re happy to have an informal conversation.