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Wipes Canisters

Due to the global pandemic, Hudson has built global supply chains to help sanitize and disinfect your home or business.  We have multiple global supply chain options for canisters, wipe dispensing lids, and EPA approved wipes/substrate out of Turkey, Asia, Mexico, Canada, and the US.  Our canisters range from a capacity of 40 wipes to 1000 wipes (2gal bucket) and are customizable to meet the needs of our customers.  No matter the size of your needs, Hudson has a supply chain for you.

If you need a finished good product, Hudson can provide US Made and Internationally sourced soft pack wipes (10, 20, 40, 50, and 80 count).  Whether you need FDA or EPA approved/registered product, Hudson will provide the solution.

We specialize in canisters and buckets/pails for 80 count, 160 count, and 300 count wipe rolls, but we can source any size package you need.

Substrate Options: 100% Polypropylene, 100% Polyester (PET), 100% Viscose; Blends of polypropylene, polyester, and/or viscose; Various thicknesses, e.g.: 30-50gsm,