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Our Process

The Single Point of Contact (SPoC™)

Through the Culture of Yes and our SPoC commitment, Hudson Associates aligns with customers’ purchasing and engineering groups to streamline supply chains and achieve strategic goals with transparency and efficiency. We cut through the noise and confusion of strategic sourcing through our proprietary process, the steps of which are outlined below:

Company Values

Since 1978, the strength of our company has been rooted in our commitment to our stated values.  We serve our customers with quality, efficiency, and skill, conduct ourselves with the utmost integrity and ultimately nurture long-term partnerships.


We vet our packaging vendors and ensure that our domestic and international partners possess ISO, FDA, GMP, EPA and other appropriate certifications. We visit our partner factories to conduct on-site audits and evaluations and maintain the highest quality standards.


We leverage our wide network of partners to maximize efficiency and execute strategies of scale. We generate cost savings by sourcing from multiple vendors and fillers across the US, Mexico, and Canada. This limits interruptions and encourages personal, face-to-face interaction. Our ability to foster executive, white-glove relationships between vendors and customers cuts out the noise and ultimately drives efficiency.


With forty years of experience in the packaging industry, we skillfully navigate the supply chain management process from product conception to delivery. We expertly manage any challenges or roadblocks that may arise.


We do what we say and deliver on our promises. Even as the pace of business accelerates with new technology and developments, we still base all of our business practices on the simple principle of staying true to our word. Honest and consistent communication while exceeding our customers expectations’ is of the utmost importance to us.

Long-Term Relationships

We nurture strong, solid relationships that withstand the test of time. Our commitment to continual improvement and innovation means that we stay relevant and useful to our partners amidst changing markets and landscapes.
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